Twitter hack by ‘Iranian Cyber Army’ is really just misdirection

The “Twitter hack” by the “Iranian Cyber Army” turns out not to have been a hack of Twitter itself: instead they took aim at the DNS records for the site itself (though Twitter itself says in a blog post that API services – which contact the servers directly – were unaffected.)The hackers also appear to have hacked, an advocacy site for Iranian protesters against the re-elected President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. see:Web Attack on Twitter Is Third Assault This Year
An online attack Friday morning on Twitter was the result of the simplest of security breaches: someone got the password to enter the master directory of Twitter’s Internet addresses and then redirected users to an alternate site instead.No user information appears to have been stolen in the attack. But the security breach — the third major one at Twitter this year — underscores the continuing weakness of the company’s systems as its micro-blogging service is becoming more important to business and even global politics. Disrupted by Web Attack
Twitter was the target of a cyberattack Thursday that disrupted its microblogging service for many users, especially those accessing it directly through the company’s Web site.The service appeared to be functioning normally on Friday morning.In a blog post late Thursday evening, Biz Stone, a founder of Twitter, said hackers had changed the records for the company’s Web addresses in the Domain Name System, which function as a directory for handling data requests. The hackers redirected those requests to non-Twitter servers. hacked: ‘Iranian Cyber Army’ signs off with poem to Khamenei
Hack attacks on Twitter and Iranian opposition websites are directing traffic to a web page created by the “Iranian Cyber Army.” The page is all black with a green flag and red lettering that reads in English: “This site has been hacked by the Iranian Cyber Army.”The site indicated no link between the “Iranian Cyber Army” and the Iranian government. But Twitter and Facebook have been critical tools used by the opposition to mobilize street protests since June, and authorities in Iran have frequently targeted them and shut them down.‘Iranian cyber army’ hits Twitter
Twitter has been hit by an embarrassing security breach.A group claiming to be the Iranian Cyber Army managed to redirect Twitter users to its own site displaying a political message.Twitter said the attack had been carried out by getting at the servers that tell web browsers where to find particular sites.The site said it would start an investigation into what allowed the “unplanned downtime” to take place.

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