Twitter Bans Some White Supremacists and Other Extremists

Twitter Inc. pulled some white supremacists and other extremists from its platform on Monday, enforcing new policies to address persistent concerns that it wasn’t doing enough combat hate speech and harassment.

Among the accounts that disappeared from the site were those linked to Britain First, the far-right fringe group U.S. President Donald Trump retweeted to near universal condemnation, and white supremacist organizations like the League of the South and American Renaissance.

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‘Twitter purge’ suspends account of far-right leader who was retweeted by Trump
Twitter on Monday suspended the account of a top official of a far-right British group whose anti-Muslim videos President Trump retweeted last month, amid the company's move to crack down on content that promotes hate or threatens violence against people or groups.

The implementation of Twitter's new rules was the latest attempt by technology companies to crack down on abuses of their platforms in the aftermath of Charlottesville’s bloody demonstration in August. Though Twitter’s announcement in a morning blog post did not make this connection explicit, companies have been scrambling for months to address allegations that their platforms had become breeding grounds for extremist groups.

Twitter suspends Britain First leaders
Paul Golding, Britain First's leader, and Jayda Fransen, his deputy, can no longer tweet and their past posts no longer appear.

The organisation's official Twitter page has suffered the same fate.

It appears that three of Ms Fransen's posts that President Trump retweeted have gone from his feed as a result.

Twitter suspends Britain First leaders as it enforces new anti-abuse rules
Twitter has suspended the accounts of the leader and deputy leader of Britain First, a far-right group recently retweeted by Donald Trump, under the terms of its revised anti-abuse rules.

Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen’s accounts were unavailable on Monday afternoon hours after the social network’s new rules came into effect. The organisation’s main account was also suspended.

Twitter to put warnings before swastikas, other hate images
Twitter Inc said on Monday it would begin issuing a warning before a user can see pictures with Nazi swastikas and other items it determines are hateful imagery, as well as prohibit their use in any profile photos on its social media network.

The new policies also ban users who associate either online or offline with organizations that promote violence against civilians.

Facebook content restrictions soar after crackdown on school shooting video
Facebook says that the number of times it removed content from its platform at the request of local law enforcement skyrocketed in the first half of the year after it cracked down on a viral video of a Mexican school shooting.

According to Facebook’s midyear transparency report, the company restricted content that violated local law 28,036 times in the first half of 2017 — a 304 percent increase from the second half of 2016.

Facebook reveals data on copyright and trademark complaints
Facebook Inc announced Monday that it removed nearly 3 million posts, including videos, ads and other forms of content, from its services during the first half of 2017 following complaints of counterfeiting and copyright and trademark infringement.

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