TVs and computers breeding generation of ‘screen kids’

TVs and computers are the “electronic babysitters” for a generation of children who are losing out on family life and becoming more materialistic, a report says today. The study paints a picture of a breed of “screen kids” who are spending more and more time watching TV and surfing the net in their bedrooms, unsupervised by adults.
The Watching, Wanting and Wellbeing report from the National Consumer Council found nearly half the children from better-off families surveyed had televisions in their bedrooms, compared with 97% of the nine- to 13-year-olds from less well-off areas.,,2127268,00.htmlAlso see:
How we’ve become hooked on the net
The internet has usurped TV as the drug-of-choice among media users, with consequences: Technology addictive. The internet, doubly so. “You want a fix, and you get a fix from it,” says Professor Jeffrey Cole, of the University of Southern California. “There is an addiction to always checking your email, to always checking what’s happening on MySpace or Facebook. It has become, for its users, an essential part of life.”

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