TV still popular with all Australian kids: ACMA report

[AAP] Technology continually invades the lives of most young Australians but the one constant is television, according to new research.A staggering 94 per cent of all children aged between three and 17, responding to a survey, watched in excess of one hour of TV a day. Those over the age of eight watched almost two hours.The study, compiled by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, reveals how much technology plays a role in the lives of Australian children. It brought together data from two surveys conducted in 2007.,27574,25786563-29277,00.html,25197,25786563-26103,00.html see:94pct Oz kids like watching TV [ANI]
Television continues to invade the lives of Australian kids, according to a new survey.early 94 per cent of the children, aged between three and 17, watched in excess of one hour of TV a day, which increases to two hours for those over the age of eight.The data compiled by the Australian Communications and Media Authority showed that although interest in other mediums, such as DVDs, videos and computers, both rose and fell depending on age, kids continued to watch TV at the same participation rates. turns off tots’ vital social skills
One in 10 preschoolers has a TV in their room, prompting warnings that the nation’s little couch potatoes are missing out on vital social skills.A study reveals kids aged three to four watch an average of two hours of television and DVDs every day.,23739,25789247-23272,00.html

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