Turns Out, Willy-Nilly Blocking of URLs Doesn’t Stop Film Piracy

The most expensive film ever made in India is out around the globe, and its producers are very serious about shutting down piracy of the film. So serious that they were able to obtain a court order forcing local internet providers to block 12,564 domain names—many of which aren’t even registered. It appears this brute-force approach to piracy didn’t even work.

On November 28, a court ruled in favor of Lyca Productions, makers of over-the-top sci-fi flick 2.0, and ordered 37 companies to block a huge list of domain names at the ISP level—over 12,000 of them. TorrentFreak labeled it “one of the most aggressive site-blocking orders granted anywhere in the world.” What makes this case stand out is the fact that the production company is not only targeting known torrent hubs but also making guesses at other sites they could be operating or could potentially begin operating at some point in the future.

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