Turkish Internet Users Circumvent Government’s Ban on Twitter

Turkey’s government is no match for the country’s savvy Internet users, whose expertise in skirting bans was once again on display Monday as authorities blocked Twitter and YouTube, Google Inc.’s video platform.Within an hour of the blanket blockade over images and videos related to a hostage crisis last week, #TwitterisblockedinTurkey had already become a worldwide top-trending topic on the microblogging website, as hordes of social media users, seasoned by past Web crackdowns, sidestepped the blackout to lampoon the government.
http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2015/04/06/turkish-internet-users-circumvent-governments-ban-on-twitter/Also see:Turkey Blocks YouTube and, Briefly, Twitter Over Hostage Photo
As a hostage crisis at the central courthouse gripped this city last week, a photograph coursing through social media conveyed the situation more concisely than any words: a beret-wearing militant, face obscured by a red scarf, holding a gun to the head of a well-known prosecutor.After an evening raid by Turkish special forces ended with gunfire, leaving two militants and the hostage dead, the debate that ensued was not over the wisdom of the raid but over the publication of the photograph.

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