Turkish Internet controls ignite public anger

From a campaign to “unfollow” President Abdullah Gul on Twitter to an opposition appeal to Turkey’s highest court, Turks vented their anger on Wednesday at a new law tightening government control of the Internet.Gul approved the legislation, which will let the authorities block web pages within hours and collect data such as users’ browsing histories, late on Tuesday, bolstering Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan but raising renewed concerns about free speech.
http://uk.reuters.com/article/2014/02/18/uk-turkey-government-approval-idUKBREA1H1SB20140218Also see:Turkey Tightens Internet Law, Allows Authorities to Block Websites Without Court Order
Turkey’s president Abdullah Gul signed a controversial bill on Tuesday that allows Turkish authorities to block websites without a court order.The law will enable Turkish officials to monitor telecommunications and ISPs, allowing the government to block online content it deems illegal or to be in violation of someone’s privacy. Under the new law, ISPs must keep records of user activities for two years and hand them over to authorities.

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