Turkey hijacks servers in social media crackdown

Turkey has started hijacking net addresses as it steps up attempts to block access to social media.Addresses belonging to Google, Level 3 and OpenDNS have all been hijacked by order of the Turkish government.The hijack means that people using those addresses to reach Twitter or YouTube can no longer get through.
http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-26818104Also see:Google DNS Intercepted in Turkey
Internet service providers in Turkey have been intercepting traffic to Google’s DNS servers and redirecting it, shutting off a workaround that Turkish users had employed to get to sites such as Twitter and YouTube after the government had blocked them.Google software engineers said they had received credible reports over the weekend about the traffic interceptions, and they had looked into the situation and confirmed the problem themselves. Google operates free DNS servers to help accelerate Web traffic, and its engineers said that Turkish ISPs have set up their own servers that are imitating Google’s.
http://threatpost.com/google-dns-intercepted-in-turkey/105136How Turkey Spoofed Google’s Public DNS Service
Turkey stepped up efforts to block YouTube in recent days, using an unusual technique that disrupts access to virtual address books known as domain-name system, or DNS, servers, which help direct Internet traffic.Google alleged on Saturday that Turkish telecom companies were effectively masquerading as its public DNS service. Level 3 Communications and OpenDNS, which also offer DNS services, made similar allegations on Monday.

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