.Travel Releases One and Two-Character Domain Names.

Dot Travel logo[news release] Since 2001 one and two-character domain names, both letters and digits such as 1, or A1 and UA, have been reserved in all top level domains (TLDs) and all names have been required to have a minimum of three characters.
From December 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010 the .Travel TLD will accept proposals for registration of premium one and two-character domain names. The full list of names may be found here.

For the first time, names such as AA.travel or B.travel, and numbers such as 10.travel or 2.travel, will be released. This release gives the travel community the opportunity to register names that are easy to remember and use. Shorter names have superior promotional potential and domain auctions have shown that their asset value can be many times that of longer names. Once these names are registered they rarely come back on the market.

The .Travel TLD is offering these premium names without premium pricing. This will be your best chance to register a high value domain name in one of the most active industries on the Internet, without paying a premium price, simply by giving us your best ideas for how you will promote your names and .Travel. These names will only be released through proposal to .Travel.

The .Travel TLD will release these one and two-character names in one or more phases. The first phase will begin with the receipt of proposals starting December 1, 2010 and ending December 31, 2010. A very limited number of names is available and they are only available to applicants with the best proposals.The .Travel TLD reserves the right to allocate no names.

All potential applicants should carefully read the complete program summary and request for proposal document which can be found here.

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