.TRAVEL Relaxes Registration Eligibility In Hope To Boost Dwindling Registrations

travel-10yrs-logoThe .travel gTLD has recently relaxed its registration eligibility with the goal of boosting its dwindling number of registrations. Now registrants need not be a licensed business in the travel industry, but only are required to provide, or plan to provide, services, products or content in the travel industry.

Applicants are still required to have a “member number” or UIN before applying for a domain through their registrar, but this can now be applied for on the .travel website, and the process has been simplified.

For potential applicants, there are plenty of great domains available. After 10 years of availability there are only 16,800 domain names registered according to RegistrarStats.com. Put up against the new generic Top Level Domains, there are 123 of the new gTLDs with more registrations when looking at nTLDstats.com.

Things haven’t been great for .travel in recent years. The gTLD peaked at around 210,000 registrations according to RegistrarStats.com in late 2008/early 2009 and then plunged to around 130,000 registrations, and plunged again at the beginning of 2010 to under 50,000. Later in 2010 registrations dropped again to around 30,000 and since then slowly declined to the current figure.