.TRAVEL policy changes

TRAVEL logo.TRAVEL have announced policy changes that were approved by their board on November 14, 2007.

These policies took effect on December 21, 2007. Some of these new policies give the Registry discretion to implement procedures and rules for authentication or name use. In the event that the Registry puts such procedures and rules in place these changes will be announced in advance with a 30-day comment period prior to their effective date.

The main changes deal with:

  • Industry Participation
  • Name Selection and Use Policy which will be amended by permitting any authenticated industry participant to register any unregistered domain name and for each .TRAVEL domain name to be used for a website displaying travel content relevant to the domain name, or in such other manner (such as email) that the Registry may approve after review
  • the Place Names reserved list to be removed; New Authentication Procedures to provide the Registry the discretion to develop authentication procedures that allow for authentication either prior to or after registration of a domain name.

More information is available from the .TRAVEL website at ttpc.travel/announcements.html