Trading in .au Domain Names Starts in June

There are changes coming soon to the transfer policy for .au domain names that will enable the transfer, and hence sale, of domain names to eligible parties. So no longer will that unused domain name sit in the bottom drawer, assuming a buyer can be found. The new policy comes into place on June 1, 2008.There are some restrictions on the new transfers policy, and first and foremost is that registrants need to be eligible, and in short, that means having an Australian presence (Click here for .au eligibility rules). Other restrictions include it will be forbidden to register a domain name for the sole purpose of resale and registrants will not be able to transfer domain names for the first six months after the initial registration.After this though, registrants will be able to buy and sell .au domain names by any means. It will be interesting to see what happens with the new policy. One would assume a market will quickly develop and Sedo and others will quickly take advantage of the new rules.The announcement of the new rules is available at

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