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Trademark Clearinghouse Publishes Fees Structure For Protecting Brands in New gTLDs

Trademark Clearinghouse logoThe Trademark Clearinghouse, the central repository for validated trademarks for protecting brands in ICANN’s new gTLD programme, has published its pricing document. The document outlines the fee structure and relevant fees the Trademark Clearinghouse may charge Trademark Holders and Trademark Agents for providing the Trademark Clearinghouse validation function.

Any trademark holder, private person or company can submit their trademark to the Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse will accept, authenticate and verify any registered trademarks, marks protected by statue, treaty, or court validated marks as well as any other marks that constitute Intellectual Property (IP) rights in accordance with the registry’s policies.

The Clearinghouse shall not accept intellectual property rights that cannot be represented within the technical limitations of the Domain Name System (DNS); thus, the Clearinghouse explicitly shall not include patents, designs, copyrights, know-how and trade secrets.

The Clearinghouse will include centralised verified trademark data for every gTLD Sunrise and will notify brand owners if a domain name in any of the new gTLDs that match their trademark.

There are varying fees depending on how many trademarks one wishes to protect, with those wishing to register limited numbers of trademarks described as “trademark holders” while “trademark agents” are described as most likely being a company or entity representing multiple individual trademark owners that want to register trademarks on behalf of the individual trademark owners.

The Clearinghouse is offering a number of services – trademark registration for one, three or five years, trademark renewal and registering additional domain names than is standard where applicable.

The Basic Fee Structure is quite simple – for one trademark registration for one year it is $140, three years $435 and five years it is $725.

The Advanced Fee Structure is a little more complicated with prices varying on the number of years and the number of “status points.”

Status points are accumulated by Trademark Holders and Agents who register for a Prepayment Account under the Advanced Fee structure instead of using their credit card. The status points means discounts as they are accumulated as they earn Status Points which are determined on the length of the trademark registration and if the trademark is registered in the early bird registration period. The early bird registration period is described as the period before the first Sunrise of the first new gTLD.

More information on the Trademark Clearinghouse is available at their website at