Sells for $1M Sells for $1MThe domain name sold for $1M in January according to a report in the Wall Street Journal says Domain Name Wire. The new owner is, which receives 10M visitors per month. Due to confusion between the .net and .com versions of the domain name led the to negotiate the purchase of Name Wire reports that in the early days of registering domain names, registrants were often unaware of the confusion between .com and .net domains, regularly choosing to type in the .com domain and not considering .net.In a blog posting on Skrentablog, the owner of, and now, noted they knew they were going against one of the rules for registering a domain name, that being never register anything but a .com domain. But for various reasons they thought it may not matter to them. But when the first news story went out in March 2004, while the article referred to, a caption under the photo mistakenly referred to their name grew, people often went to the .com website, or typed .com in email addresses. Focus groups showed people liked the name “topix” but found .net a turn-off.So after much discussion with the board, who were supportive, moves were made negotiate the purchase of

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