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Will .TOP Usurp .XYZ As Largest New gTLD As Total New gTLD Registrations Drop 1.6 Million in 3 Weeks

They gained 3.2 million registrations in a few days, jumping from 2.893 million registrations on 30 May 2016 to 6.122 million on 3 June on the back of a discounted promotion, but is the .xyz new gTLD now paying the price as those domain names come up for renewal?

Registrations for .xyz peaked at 6.705 million on 5 December last year, declined to 6.5 million before rising again to 6.652 million on 20 March and then slowly at first, but then they’ve dropped off a cliff.

Since 17 April registrations have dropped from 6.567 million to 6.018 million on 2 May. Registrations have now stabilised and are currently sitting at just under the 6 million mark. Still making it the largest of the new generic top level domains by domains under management by almost 2 million, but the new gTLD will require a reasonable renewal rate to keep it above the second largest of the new gTLDs, which currently has 4.036 million registrations. However even .top has even seen a decline of around 460,000 in the last 21 weeks, dropping to 4.036 million DUM on 8 May from 4.486 million on 24 April. Like .xyz registrations appear to have now stabilised.

Currently .xyz has 5.999 million DUM and .top 4.036 million. But they aren’t the only new gTLDs in the top 10 to see declines in recent weeks. .wang, the fourth largest of the new gTLDs has dropped almost 14,000 to 1.077 million, .win the fifth largest has dropped 150,000 to 1.056 million, .online the eighth largest has dropped 9,000 to 728,000, .site the ninth largest has dropped 105,000 to 524,000 and .bid the tenth largest has dropped 153,00 to 462,000.

Meanwhile registrations across the 1,218 new gTLDs to have been delegated by ICANN have dropped from a peak of 29.338 million on 14 April to 27.745 million as of 8 May, a drop of around 1.6 million.

All statistics courtesy of nTLDstats.com.