.TOP Is Now The Tops Among New gTLDs

Overall .xyz has lost over 2.5 million registrations in the last 2 weeks, dropping from 5.587 million to 3.063 million since 10 August. And there are still another 693,000 listed in “upcoming deletes”. .xyz peaked at 6.756 million registrations on 6 December 2016 before going on a bit of a rollercoaster ride. Then the results of the discounted promotion the registry ran at the end of May 2016 came into play where 3.251 million domain names were registered in just 3 days.

And it’s not that .top hasn’t been immune to a bit of a decline, but it’s nothing like .xyz’s. .top peaked at 4.787 million on 12 January this year and has been on a decline ever since to today’s 3.277 million.

Others to have noticeable declines in the top 10 by registration numbers are .win which peaked at 1.297 million registrations on 1 December 2016 and today has 1.038 million, .vip, with a peak of 851,600 on 4 August to today’s 777,900, .wang which peaked at 1.120 million on 3 March and today stands at 663,500, .site which peaked at 729,200 on 1 May and today stands at 535,600, .bid which peaked at 619,600 on 17 January and today stands at 493,300.

Today registrations for the 1,226 new generic top level domains to have been delegated by ICANN stands at 23.984 million, down from the heady days of 4 April 2017 when registrations stook at 29.423 million, a decline of over 5.4 million, and 2.780 in just the last 2 weeks. Of these new gTLDs, around 540 are for brands, which account for around 7,200 domains according to research published by the Dot Brand Observatory.

As we previously reported, there are some of the new generic top level domains that have defied the massive declines. One is .club which has maintained registrations just above the one million mark since 30 June, and today stand at 1.102 million. The gTLD has had a few troughs but has not been affected by such massive declines, which largely must have to do with the lack of free or discounted domains. Another with a fairly stable number of registrations is .loan which passed the 2 million registrations mark in April and today has 2.169 million registrations.

There are currently 5 new gTLDs with more than one million registrations, 9 with more than 500,000 and 33 with more than 100,000.