Top Domain Name Sales for 2007

The largest reported domain name sales for 2007 have been compiled by Domain Name Journal. The highest reported sale was PORN.COM, selling for US$9,500,000. Other one million dollar plus sales were COMPUTER.COM ($2,100,000), SENIORS.COM ($1,800,000), TANDBERG.COM ($1,500,000), VISTA.COM ($1,250,000), SCORES.COM ($1,180,000), CHINESE.COM (€810,001/~$1,120,008), GUY.COM and TOPIX.COM (both for $1,000,000).The biggest ccTLD sales were POKER.DE that sold for €695,000 and JOB.AT for €408,000. It is interesting to note GUY.COM makes the sales chart twice, selling first for $150,000 in July, and then again for close to seven times that in November.The last few weeks of 2007 showed some more big reported domain name sales according to Domain Name Journal. The biggest of these was the previously reported JOB.AT for €408,000. Following this was PERTH.COM (US$200,000), VIA.COM ($157,500) and ZIMBABWE.COM ($130,000). The first of these was a private sale, Moniker/GeoDomain Expo was responsible for PERTH.COM while Sedo was responsible for selling VIA.COM and ZIMBABWE.COM.The growth of .MOBI domain sales continued with five .MOBI domains sold for more than US$10,000 including DOWNLOAD.MOBI for $51,000, and all sold by Sedo.To read Domain Name Journal’s compilation of their top 100 domain name sales, see while the last two reports on domain name sales for 2007 see for the sales chart for December 10-16 and for December 17-23.

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