Top 5 ways tourism companies can benefit from local domains

Sydney gTLD plain logoThe travel and tourism industry has undergone incredible change throughout the last decade as online agencies compete for dominance in an extremely competitive sector. Most travellers are looking for the best travel experience at the lowest price.

A roundtable exercise conducted by Qubit in March last year aimed to unpick some of the biggest digital challenges facing the online travel industry. Attendees included Richard Singer, the European Managing Director of Travelzoo; Robin Frewer, Director of Travel at Google; and Greg Marsh, the CEO of Onefinestay.

One of the more interesting points raised in this discussion was that “travel websites have a tendency to overload their customers with too much choice. The paths to purchase can often be too complicated. In retail, 24 per cent of users use the search bar. In travel, 99 per cent use the search bar. Filtering results in a clear, ordered manner is crucial.”

Five innovative ways travel and tourism companies can attract customers:

  1. Clearly define the experience being sold. For instance, if you are selling tourist experiences around Sydney, you can make this clear by using a .sydney domain name and then back this up by tailoring Sydney-focused editorial to potential customers through your website.
  2. Don’t overload your customers with too much choice. Let them know exactly where you can send them and make the decision an easy one.
  3. Know your audience. Tourism is composed not only of leisure travellers, but also other groups, such as business travellers. If it’s business travellers you want to target, then make this clear through your domain and website. For example, a site like would be the perfect domain name to attract business travellers flying in and out of the city.
  4. Offer services that make customers feel secure. This is a great way for a tourism business to stand out. Perhaps you could consider a domain that also makes a safety point, such as As local domains such as .melbourne and .sydney can only be registered by people in Victoria or New South Wales respectively, using one of these domains also shows visitors that you are a verified local business.
  5. Finally, take the stress out of travel experiences. Let your customers know that you have all the bases covered: from flights to check in; pick up to accommodation. Rather than just using your company name, you can register a generic domain name such as or to show that you’ll take customers from end-to-end.

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