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‘Too Snobby’ auDA Stuck in a Pre-1990s Time Warp

Following the auDA Special General Meeting last week, more of which is to come (or read some updates on the Domainer blog), I started to think how auDA is stuck in some pre-1990s time warp. And today retiring veteran Australian political journalist Laurie Oakes is reported by The Guardian as saying “journalists should not be ‘too snobby’ about digital startups”.

Oakes is looking at this issue from a different perspective to me, as he says journalists shouldn’t “be ‘too snobby’ about digital startups like BuzzFeed because cat videos are funding real journalism.”

From a different angle, auDA has that snobbiness. Because auDA refuses to speak to anyone they consider a “blogger”. Which one could easily interpret as auDA being “too snobby”.

auDA’s Director Communications, Marketing & Engagement has said in an email in response to questions some months ago “we don’t usually reply to requests for blog stories – as is outlined on our website contact page.” And on their website they say “generally opinion writers, commentators, bloggers and others should seek auDA information on our website and normal correspondence channels.” Is there another top level domain registry, or policy and regulatory body, that has this elitist or snobby attitude? Not in my decade plus of writing about domain names. And this was definitely not the auDA pre current CEO Cameron Boardman.

But then, being stuck in a pre-1990s time warp isn’t too surprising. Back in the 1960s it would have been acceptable for the CEO to have had some form of professional relationship with a director and to not bother to declare it. Which is precisely what happened with CEO Cameron Boardman and recently appointed director Dr. Michaella Richards. Both had failed to declare, desire numerous opportunities to do so, a conflict of interest in Richards’ appointment in that both had worked in the Victorian state government. In the 1960s nobody would have batted an eyelid. In the 2010s it’s totally unacceptable.

So without further do… here are the first of the lyrics to the Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. So apt in so many ways, it’s a time warp, it’s a horror… and read the lyrics and think of auDA as you sing along…

(Riff Raff) It's astounding
Time is fleeting
Madness takes its toll…

(Magenta) Ahh…

(Riff Raff) But listen closely…

(Magenta) Not for very much longer…

(Riff Raff) I've got to keep control.
I remember doing the Time Warp.
Drinking those moments when
The blackness would hit me.

(Riff Raff & Magenta) And the void would be calling.

(Guests) Let's do the Time Warp again.
Let's do the Time Warp again.

(Narrator) It's just a jump to the left.

(Guests) And then a step to the right.

(Guests) You bring your knees in tight.
But it's the pelvic thrust.
They really drive you insane.
Let's do the Time Warp again.
Let's do the Time Warp again.

(Magenta) It's so dreamy
Oh, fantasy free me
So you can't see me
No not at all.

In another dimension
With voyeuristic intention.
Well secluded I see all…

And the lyrics go on. To read the full lyrics, click here.