Even If He Wanted To, Probably Too Late For Trump To Reverse IANA Transition

US president-elect Donald Trump has the potential to change many policies, including in the tech sector, and, as the Washington Post notes analysts believe “could eviscerate some of the most significant tech policies of the 21st century, all but erasing President Obama’s Internet agenda and undoing years of effort by lawmakers, tech companies and consumer advocates to limit the power of large, established corporations.”Scientific American spoke to Robert Atkinson, president of the non-partisan think tank Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), to better understand where Trump stands on technology and innovation policy.On the IANA transition, Scientific American asked Atkinson if the Trump administration reverse the decision to give ICANN autonomy from the U.S. Department of Commerce?Atkinson responded saying he doesn’t “know if the president has the power to change this, but even if they had the power, I don’t think they’d do it. The horse has left the barn. There would be too much outrage on the Hill and internationally. This isn’t a fight they’re going to take on. ICANN had an agreement with the U.S. government where the government had some control in the background over ICANN’s role of managing the internet’s domain name system (DNS).””That tether has been cut, but I think the Trump will monitor them to make sure ICANN lives up to what they said they would do and not allow other countries to take a larger role in internet governance.”