Tom Hanks Uses Web to Plot the Future

The actor-producer’s new project, “Electric City,” is science fiction for the Internet, but has very real implications for Hollywood.When Tom Hanks imagines the future, you might think he sees a desk strewn with Oscars, Emmys and the scripts for a dozen more World War II projects. But the far-flung earth that Mr. Hanks will present in a new Internet-based animated series called “Electric City” will be a more complicated one and yet — not surprisingly, given its creator — an optimistic one.”Without a doubt, everything has changed, but not necessarily for the worst,” Mr. Hanks said, describing that world in a telephone interview. “In fact, a good life and good world has been created out of the usual end-of-life scenarios. It hasn’t degenerated into an Orwellian society — just the opposite.”

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