Today’s The Day: New TLD Applications Close Today

Anyone wishing to apply for a Top Level Domain and has not yet got their application needs to get their skates on. Applications close today (12 April) at 23:59 UTC.With most predictions around the 1500 mark for applications, and around two-thirds of these predicted to be brand names, there are likely to be a lot of brand names playing their cards close to their chests and not wanting their competitors to know what they are up to.To date there have been few brand names to out themselves as applicants. But last week Google indicated it would be applying for TLDs relating to brand names it has, so it is most likely there will be a .GOOGLE and .YOUTUBE at least.Other brand names to apply include Unicef, Hitachi, Canon, the Australian ISP iinet and the Australian Football League. But most of those to announce TLDs they will be applying for are community groups with applications likely for .MUSIC, .GREEN, .ECO, .SPORT and many others as well as many city and regional names such as .LONDON, .SYDNEY, .BERLIN, .PARIS, .MELBOURNE, .NYC and again, many others.