To Avoid a Long Dispute, Google Offers to Settle a European Antitrust Case

Google, facing the prospect of formal antitrust charges stemming from an investigation in Europe into its search and advertising business, sent a letter on Monday to European regulators in an effort to settle the case and avoid a lengthy and potentially expensive dispute.The regulators declined to reveal what was in the letter.A Google spokesman, Al Verney, said the company had “made a proposal to address the four areas the European Commission described as potential concerns.” He added, “We continue to work cooperatively with the commission.” see:Google offers to settle EU antitrust case
Google may offer to change how it ranks other sites in its search engine listings to settle with the European commission’s antitrust investigators over accusations that it has abused its dominant market position in search and online advertising.A similar investigation is under way in the US, where the Federal Trade Commission is conducting a parallel investigation with similar concerns. offers to settle EU antitrust probe
Google today offered to settle an ongoing European antitrust investigation in a bid to prevent it from being served with huge fines and restrictions on its business practices in Europe.Google chairman Eric Schmidt has sent a letter to E.U. Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia, according to a Commission spokesperson, in which Schmidt offered a deal which could prevent a fully-fledged antitrust investigation.

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