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TLDH Signs 6 New gTLD Contracts With ICANN

TLDH logoThe Directors of Top Level Domain Holdings are pleased to announce that the Company has signed contracts with ICANN for five new gTLDs wholly-owned by the Company: .horse, .cooking, .casa, .fishing, and .budapest.

In addition, Minds + Machines GmbH, the Company’s 80% owned subsidiary, has signed the contract with ICANN for .nrw, which will serve Germany’s largest state, North-Rhine Westphalia. All six applications will now progress to pre-delegation testing, the final step before delegation into the Internet’s root zone.

Antony Van Couvering, CEO of TLDH, said:

ICANN’s contracting and delegation process is moving smoothly and predictably. We look forward to the timely delegation of these newly-contracted gTLDs and to signing additional contracts as they become available.

The Company currently has interests in 25 non-contested applications, of which contracts have now been signed with ICANN on eight. The Company continues to progress those contested applications in which it has an interest.

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