TLD Logic Launches Tools For Monitoring And Analysing Global Domain Trends [updated]

TLD Logic logoTLD Logic has launched a tool they describe as a centralised resource for monitoring an analysing trends in the global domain name market.

The tool provides a suite interactive charts and tools for exploring the current status and market trends of TLDs including domain counts, growth trends, comparison tools and registrar portfolios. TLD Logic has been designed with a variety of user-controlled functionalities to allow customised trend analysis charts on a range of metrics.

Benefits they describe are that the tool is the only centralised source of authoritative data on all top level domains, trends for multiple TLDs or registrars are available in one chart, allows for the aggregation of data and growth charts can be created in-house and gives insight on specific TLDs holdings and growth within different Registrar portfolios.

Information covered includes coverage of all gTLDs and many ccTLDs growth (and decline) rates and numbers of domains, domains registered for each registrar and growth rates and internal registrar portfolio domain counts and growth rates.

Currently introductory 12 month subscriptions are available for US$775 and TLD Logic promises new features, improvements and new data over the coming months.

[update] TLD Logic have advised they have new pricing. They now have two plans. One plan for gTLD data only is US$299 for 12 months while the other is US$799 for 12 months  and includes ccTLD data and an extended time period. More details on the plans are available from: