Time to get .nyc domain name

NYC TLD logoThis article from AM New York examines the possibility of a .nyc TLD. Tom Lowenhaupt, who heads the .nyc consortium says a .nyc TLD will allow New York’s “small businesses to distinguish themselves in the crowded online marketplace and foster better community cohesion and social activism.” Further, “The Internet is great at global things but it isn’t very good at local things.” Craig Schwartz, ICANN’s chief TLD liaison is also interviewed saying organisers of city TLDs need to show they have the community’s support. The article concludes with a quote from David Johnson, a cyberlaw professor at New York Law School who says, “Ideally, this will enable people to use the Internet more effectively and bring citizens together. … It’s an untested theory, but what’s the harm in trying.”

For the full article in AM New York, see www.amny.com/news/local/am-nyc0928,0,5285161.story