Tibet – the cyber wars

We know that YouTube has been blocked in China, as the authorities seek to control what they see as biased Western coverage of events in Tibet, but there is a wider battle being fought in cyberspace.Tibet protest groups have been in touch to say they are under attack, with emails arriving containing attachments that are designed to infect or take over their computers. These attacks have been going on for months, but appear to have grown in intensity in recent days. Alison Reynolds of the International Tibet Support Network told me, “There are surges of activity which coincide with our busiest campaign periods and obviously now we are seeing a lot of attacks.” She says most members of the movement know not to open attachments – but some do still get through.
www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/technology/2008/03/tibet_the_cyber_wars.htmlCyber Attacks Target Pro-Tibet Groups
Human rights and pro-democracy groups sympathetic to anti-China demonstrators in Tibet are being targeted by sophisticated cyber attacks designed to disrupt their work and steal information on their members and activities.Alison Reynolds, director of the Tibet Support Network, said organizations affiliated with her group are receiving on average 20 e-mail virus attacks daily. Increasingly, she said, the contents of the messages suggest that someone on one or more of the member groups’ mailing lists has an e-mail account or computer that has already been compromised.

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