Three Years With ICANN by Joi Ito

Joi Ito has written about his three years on the ICANN board on Circle ID. He begins by apologising for the delay in writing his post as he has “been trying to think about what to say and have just decided that I better write it before my thoughts get old…”His post goes on to say:
“I joined the ICANN board during the December 2004 ICANN meeting in Cape Town. I served for a three year term and stepped down at this last meeting in Los Angeles and didn’t run for another term. My apologies to all of the ICANN community and the people who helped me learn about and participate in the complex but important process that is ICANN.Before joining ICANN, I thought that ICANN was the only part of the Internet that wasn’t really working. I knew that there must be a better way to do what ICANN does, but I couldn’t be bothered to figure it out. I’d agree with people who said things like, “it should just bed” or “it should just be first come first serve” or “we should just get rid of it.” People from ICANN would say, “it’s more complicated than that” or “at this point that would be impossible.”For the full article in CircleID, see