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Thousands Of .NO Domains To Be Deactivated Due To Company Deletions

NORID logoThousands of .NO domain names are being deleted this northern summer due to their eligibility lapsing.

The Norwegian registry is combing the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities (Enhetsregisteret) for company deletions, and using this information deleting domain names related to the former companies.

Around 20,000 domain names have been affected to date, with notifications sent out to the domain holder since 2 May.

The deletions are taking place every Monday from 2 July to 20 August and domain holders are being notified prior to the deletions, but Norid is aware that not all notifications will get to the appropriate people.

To check if your .NO domain name is affected, Norid is advising registrants to type the domain name into, make a note of the Id number (organisation number) in the second block of data. Then go to and type in the organisation number in the field at the bottom of the box.

If the answer is that the organisation was deleted, the domain is at risk and needs an immediate change of holder.

For more information, go to the Norid website here.