Thousands of low-income Australian families unable to afford internet at home, Smith Family says

Australia has one of the highest internet access rates in the world, but there are concerns children from disadvantaged backgrounds are being left behind in the digital revolution.While 83 per cent of the nation’s population has a home internet connection, that figure hides the extent of the digital divide, with a third of homes offline in disadvantaged communities.‘can’t-afford-home-internet’/7185452Also see:Bridging a Digital Divide That Leaves Schoolchildren Behind
At 7 p.m. on a recent Wednesday, Isabella and Tony Ruiz were standing in their usual homework spot, on a crumbling sidewalk across the street from the elementary school nearest to their home.”I got it. I’m going to download,” Isabella said to her brother Tony as they connected to the school’s wireless hot spot and watched her teacher’s math guide slowly appear on the cracked screen of the family smartphone.

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