Thoughts on TRAFFIC East

For those interested in what happened at TRAFFIC East last week, below are links to a couple of blog postings on what happened from Domain Name Wire and Adam Strong.

Final Thoughts on TRAFFIC East
I’ve read a few blog posts this weekend from people giving their opinion on the TRAFFIC show that just concluded in Orlando. Of course, half of these bloggers weren’t even there, so I don’t know how they can pass judgment on the show.

2008 TRAFFIC Orlando Florida – A Quick Take
I wasn’t going to attend the 2008 TRAFFIC East show. I’m totally burned out on “Domain Show Overload”. Really, how many freaking shows can we pack in to a calendar year ? While making my plans, I had only heard from a handful of colleagues that they would be attending, but I had some last minute business to attend to and a long-time friend was going to be in the US for this show. That was a good enough reason to head south to catch the tail end of the show on Thursday and Friday.