The women abandoned to their online abusers

For the past 16 months, Suzanne Fernandes has been targeted online with racial abuse, pornography and death threats. The two individuals she believes are responsible share many similarities: an interest in far-right politics, an ability to create multiple anonymous fake social media accounts, and past convictions for extreme internet harassment.After making 126 crime reports to the British police and numerous reports to Twitter and Facebook, Fernandes feels destroyed and defeated. Both men, who cannot be named for legal reasons, are known to law enforcement agencies and social media companies as convicted social media aggressors, a fact that she believes makes a mockery of the promises of the big tech companies to take such abuse and threats seriously. see:Online abuse: how different countries deal with it
Online abuse is rife on social media and other sites across the globe but countries are attempting to deal with it in very different ways. As part the Guardian’s Web we want series investigating the dark side of the internet – and the efforts people are making to clean it up – we look at what different legislatures are doing.

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