The wider world web: Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the world wide web and director of the Web Foundation, points to what needs to happen for the future of the digital age

Twenty-five years after the first website became publicly accessible, in 2016 the web will become even more important to businesses, states and people everywhere. Governments will need to update laws for our digital age — with big ramifications.In 2015 a typical online business model consisted of collecting personal data and “monetising” it (eg, selling it to advertisers). In 2016 people will push for control of their data, to use them for their own benefit. This will challenge existing business models, creating an exciting market for new products.Applications will integrate data from diverse aspects of life — financial, medical, home automation — but allow individuals to control what to share with whom. Today, calendar apps merge information from home, work and, say, your favourite band. In 2016 things like health apps will begin to work similarly, mixing data from doctors and hospitals you visit and health-monitoring devices you use.

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