The US Supreme Court just made the Web even more hostile for women

You have to mean it before it’s a crime.So said the Supreme Court in a ruling this week about online threats of violence. The opinion reverses a lower court’s conviction of a man who fantasized on Facebook about killing his ex-wife. That may ease the fear many of us have about inadvertently putting something on the Internet that gets misconstrued. But the finding is a major setback for those trying to make the Web a less hateful and hostile place, particularly for women.Women are subject to tremendous amounts of harassment online. It’s on Periscope. It’s on blogs. It has forced some women to flee their homes. It’s unfair, pervasive and seemingly unstoppable, though not for lack of trying. Entire teams of people — the New Republic once called them Deciders — now help tech companies police hateful speech with a mix of human oversight and computer algorithms.

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