The true cost of cyberbullying to NZ: $444m each year

The cost of cyberbulling in New Zealand is costing individuals, communities and support organisations $444 million a year, a new report reveals.

But it's friends and families who are bearing the brunt of the cost – $366 million in fact – to support loved ones who have been bullied online.

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Cyber bullying a growing menace that's costing New Zealand $444 million each year
Online bullying comes with a massive financial burden. A new report by economist Shamubeel Eaqub has found cyber bullying costs the country $444 million a year.

Online bullying 'costing NZ $444m' says report

Online bullying is costing New Zealand $444 million a year, according to cyber-safety organisation NetSafe which commissioned economist Shamubeel Eaquab to put a dollar estimate on the harm it causes.

One in 10 New Zealanders had experienced “online harm” and almost two-thirds of Kiwis were worried about the impact of online bullying and its effects on society, according to a survey of 1000 people also commissioned by NetSafe.

$444 million: The devastating cost of cyberbullying in NZ
Can you put a dollar figure on the damage cyberbullying causes New Zealanders? One economist says that cost is around $444 million every year.

Not only is online harm affecting adults and children alike, the costs of dealing with that harm are extensive.

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