The Strange Strategy Behind Turkey’s Pathetic Twitter Ban

The Turkish government blocked access to Twitter on March 20, a move that did exactly nothing to curtail use of the service. The country blocked Twitter at the DNS level, which is not a particularly sophisticated or durable move. People in Turkey are now leaving instructions on how to get around the block as graffiti on bus stops. Twitter (TWTR)instructed Turks to get to the service using text messages. The Hurriyet Daily News points to data from Twitturk, which records Twitter use in the country. The data show that the number of tweets by Turkish users remains unchanged.Zeynep Tufekci is an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina’s School of Information & Library Science and the only person you need to follow if you are curious about the intersection of technology, politics, and the country of Turkey. She’s written an entertaining timeline of how quickly Turkey’s citizens got around the ban, but she also warns against assuming that Erdoğan is a crazy old man who doesn’t get it.

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