The State of the Media Democracy: Are You Ready for the Future of Media?

To shed light on how different generations are “consuming” media — and what their future media preferences are likely to be — Deloitte & Touche USA LLP’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) practice commissioned an extensive survey on the evolving role of media in America. This State of the Media Democracy survey offers a generational reality check on the usage of current media platforms/devices and what the future may hold.Fielded by Harrison Group (an independent research services firm) from February 23 through March 6, 2007, the survey used an online methodology to collect information from 2,200 U.S. consumers between the ages of 13 and 75.The survey results provide keen insights into the different generations and their media consumption habits. The summary below is a small sampling of the numerous trends and data points the survey revealed. Firms of Deloitte & Touche USA are meeting with clients to share these insights and strategize on how they can help their businesses.,1002,sid%253D2245%2526cid%253D156096,00.html

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