The Rise of Ad Blocking Could Be a Complete Loss for Everyone

Apple’s new operating system includes tools for app developers to block ads on Safari browser for iOS 9. As technology has made it easier to block ads, cutting contextually relevant content could do harm to not only publishers and advertisers, but also consumers in general.Ad blocking is not a new challenge, but lately it has become a larger issue for advertisers and publishers.Online reports show that content blocking software is now at the top of the App Store charts worldwide. Additionally, Apple’s new operating system iOS 9 gives app developers more tools to block ads. While ad-blocking software and apps are gaining popularity, Marco Arment, Tumblr co-founder and developer of the most downloaded ad blocker, Peace, decided to remove his app from the App Store. In his personal blog post published last Friday, Arment said that while ad blockers do benefit large amounts of people in major ways, they also hurt some – including those who don’t deserve the hit.

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