The rise and rise of the YouTube generation, and how adults can help

Blogs and online diaries should be part of school curriculum, says thinktankWhen Alex Day started keeping a video diary on YouTube, he wasn’t sure how it would turn out. The teenager, from Hornchurch in Essex, admits that he was just looking for some frank feedback on his funny stories and songs.”I was making a video podcast to entertain family and friends – just a little comedy series,” he said. Eighteen months on, 19-year-old Day, known by his nickname Nerimon, boasts more than 30,000 subscribers and is one of Britain’s most popular YouTubers. blogs and diaries should be on the national curriculum
Online blogs and diaries should be on the school national curriculum, a think tank has said.Armed with mobile phone cameras and the internet, a new generation is growing up very publicly with online videos – but are being failed by adults who are not paying proper attention to this new medium, according to Demos.The study, called Video Republic, by the left-leaning think-tank, examines the rise of the YouTube generation and considers how their enthusiasm and skills can be encouraged.

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