The Queen to visit Google’s British HQ

She already exchanges emails with her grandchildren and she has shared video on YouTube but now the Queen plans to make a further foray into the world of cyberspace with a visit to Google.The trip to the British headquarters of the world’s most used internet search engine next month is at the express request of the monarch.The Queen, 82, who learnt to use a computer only two years also, was the first monarch to set up her own channel on the video-sharing website YouTube.She now regularly emails all her grandchildren including Princes William and Harry and Zara Phillips. She has become so fascinated by the internet that she has ordered a major upgrade of the Buckingham Palace website which will boast more video footage and be made more user friendly. Queen gives an audience to YouTube owner Google
The Queen will pop over the road from Buckingham Palace next month to visit the UK headquarters of US internet search giant Google.Accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, the 82-year-old will be introduced to the team that created The Royal Channel on Google-owned YouTube earlier this year, along with some popular contributors from the video-sharing website.

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