The Push for Net Neutrality Arose From Lack of Choice

The case for strong government rules to protect an open Internet rests in large part on a perceived market failure — the lack of competition for high-speed Internet service into American homes.The Federal Communications Commission is expected to adopt on Thursday utility-style rules to ensure so-called net neutrality, prohibiting practices like offering pay-to-play fast lanes on the Internet. A legislative response by Republicans on Capitol Hill has stalled out. see:Net neutrality: FCC set to vote on new rules governing future of broadband
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) looks set to pass strict new rules to govern broadband internet in the US on Thursday, following one of the most intense – and bizarre – lobbying battles Washington has ever seen.The FCC’s five commissioners will meet on Thursday morning to approve a plan to regulate broadband like a public utility, giving the regulator the greatest power over the cable industry it has had since the internet went mainstream.

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