The protection of internet domain names in Israel and Palestine

Abstract: Rights over Domain Names (DNs) arise from the contract that governs the relationship of the DN registrant with the registrar (the entity that undertakes DNs registration on the internet). Additionally, rights may also be established under Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) created and governed by the statute concerned. This paper provides a comparative analysis of DNs protection in the field of intellectual property law. Focus is centred upon the study of the Israeli and Palestinian law.

The purpose of this study is to find out the similarities and differences between the two legally recognised rights in a case of infringement and simultaneously between those two rights in the Israeli and Palestinian jurisdictions. In order to achieve such a purpose, the DN’s legal status and dispute treatment will be underlined. A comparison of the instrument and means of protection will follow. The research will deal with the various aspects of infringement, paying particular attention to the problems of the adequacy of trademarks law to internet DNs and the difficulties encountered in both jurisdictions.

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