The Promise and Peril of 5G

As the hype at CES demonstrates, 5G is the newest and shiniest tech bauble out there: but security concerns loom.

The next generation of mobile cellular technology known as fifth-generation wireless (5G) is hitting a peak in the hype cycle, emerging as a major theme at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week. Wireless carriers are investing billions of dollars into the technology, which requires a completely new approach to network infrastructure and management, not to mention new types of spectrum. But the payoff, once the switch is flipped later this year and in 2020, is the ability to support new business models and revenue streams, including legions of low-latency, low-power industrial Internet of Things (IoT) devices, self-driving cars, smart city deployments, tele-surgery, and home broadband and video services that can compete with cable and satellite.

The downside? As ever, there are concerns that security could be an afterthought, lost in the fervor surrounding this newest, shiniest tech bauble.

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