The Profits and Pitfalls of Streaming Pirate Movies and TV Shows

Earlier this year TorrentFreak interviewed a guy making a living from the illegal streaming of movies and TV shows. Now, as promised, we’re back again with a follow up which details not only the kind of profits being made, but also the pitfalls of being involved in the unauthorized distribution of other people’s content. It’s an intriguing mix of self employment, expected and unexpected setbacks, and advice to the studios on how to make a dent in the pirate market.Back in October we spoke with ‘John’, one of the most prolific movie and TV show uploaders/linkers around today. With 30,000 different pieces of content distributed to date, John had some interesting revelations on how he makes money.As promised, we’re now back with part two of our interview in which we discover how some of the business’s pitfalls can affect profitability.

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