The Perils Of Forgetting to Renew A Domain Name

Forgetting to renew a domain name can have several consequences. It can cause a loss of business, hassles in getting the domain name reregistered and a competitor may register it.And the latter is what happened to Family First in New Zealand, a charity that campaigns against marriage equality. Down under in the land of the long white cloud a Wellington man by the name of Hamish Spencer took the opportunity to register the domain and redirect people trying to access the charity’s website to a marriage equality campaign website.The Family First website has been the target of a campaign to shut it down since it launched in July with a large DDOS attack temporarily leading to it being taken down.According to news reports from New Zealand, Spencer registered the domain name when it was not renewed. It appears though the domain was owned by a supporter outside Family First, and the charity has said they will not dispute the ownership of the domain.”None of our supporters or no one who knows us goes to It doesn’t affect anybody who knows us or supports us,” Family First director Bob McCroskie told Fairfax NZ News.Instead, the charity uses the and domains, but about 120 visitors an hour were trying to access Spencer said.