The PC Goes on an Energy Diet

Personal computers suck up enormous amounts of electricity — often when they aren’t even being used. Manufacturers are tackling the problem.Some of the biggest energy hogs in a company sit in front of workers everyday: their PCs.For a company that has 10,000 personal-computer desktops, for example, just leaving most of them turned on all night can cost more than $165,000 a year in electricity bills, while spewing more than 1,380 tons of carbon dioxide into the air per year, estimates a 2007 report by the Alliance to Save Energy, an advocacy group in Washington, D.C.That’s roughly the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that come from driving a car for two months. In all, the group estimates upwards of $1.7 billion is being wasted in the U.S. with about 15 million tons of carbon emitted by desktops left on overnight.

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