The paywalls go up – but papers still aren’t secure

The free news model is dying in the US, where more and more media groups are charging. But that revenue doesn’t nearly replace what has been lost on print advertising and cover priceThe writing was on the paywall the moment Mike Darcey moved from Sky to take charge at Wapping. For where did Darcey’s expertise lie? In devising TV and associated subscriptions. Elementary, my dear Murdoch: the empire was finally going to do something about the Sun. And, meanwhile, you might have glimpsed a surreptitious stream of Daily Telegraph executives at the airport heading west. Where were they going, pray? To worship at the New York Times’s own wall.So, very soon, the era of free newspapers on the internet in Britain may be over, as it is in the US (with over 400 papers charging already). The Washington Post, last of the major resisters, will demand your money this summer. The Journal Register chain, supreme prophets of free access and “digital first”, are eating their words. There isn’t a debate any longer, merely a scrabble to find the right formula.

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