The Observer on Domain Name Trading

Another story in the mainstream press on domain name trading, this time by The Observer, part of the stable that makes up one of the top half dozen newspapers in the English-speaking world. This article looks at Neil Stanley, referring him to as a speculator buying and selling domain names. Stanley was previously a banker with Goldman Sachs and now has a portfolio of domain names including,,, and again, trading in domain names is compared to trading in real estate. It is interesting that those who trade in domain names, as well as the media, like to compare their profession to real estate, which in many ways it is. However if people trading in real estate were to buy prime real estate and use it for advertising signs, I am sure governments would seek to legislate against such a practice.But back to Neil Stanley. ‘Whenever I register or buy a domain name, the first thing I do is park it,’ Stanley told The Observer. ‘Anyone who then types in that name will see the web page and, if they click on an ad, it generates money. I registered last autumn and it probably earns £10 a week on its own. My whole portfolio is bringing in hundreds of pounds every week without me touching it, and some people are creaming in thousands. My conviction is that this going to become mainstream because it’s so easy.’He’s not entirely parking his domain names. One domain name he hopes to develop into a useful website is developing it as a non-profit site.Stanley is currently writing a book on his occupation, although no details are given on when or where it will be published.To read the full article in The Observer, see

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