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The.nlyst 14 now out: What’s happening at ICANN?

SIDN Company Behind NL logoThe internet is kept working by various organisations that the average user knows little or nothing about. One of them is ICANN, a very important organisation for SIDN. ICANN is the body that, through IANA, administers the root. And it is ICANN that ensures that queries about .nl domain names reach our name servers.

This edition of The.nlyst therefore takes a close look at ICANN. We bring you a summary of the issues currently being debated within the organisation, an analysis of the Dutch government’s relations with ICANN and an interview with two ICANN-accredited registrars. We also have the inside story on one of the first new top-level domains, .berlin. Last but not least, we profile Paul Schnabel, our Supervisory Board’s new chairman, and his outgoing predecessor, Eddy Schuyer.

The.nlyst is SIDN’s quarterly magazine for everyone with a professional or personal interest in the .nl domain and the internet. It is distributed free of charge to SIDN’s registrars and other stakeholders. Each edition is also made available in digital form on this website. If you would prefer to receive printed copies of the magazine by post, please e-mail your name, address and profession to We will then add you to the mailing list for future editions.

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