The Most Expensive Web Addresses

Following the recent Moniker auction, Forbes looks at the biggest sales of domain names. At the Moniker auction, sold for US$3 million and for $1.8 million. In total, 218 domain names were bid for, and $10.8 million exchanged hands. Part of this is supply and demand – it’s now extraordinarily difficult to get a memorable domain name in the .com name space. Forbes says, “During the tech boom, top-selling domains were based on brand appeal. Now it’s all about searchable keywords that are both generic and descriptive.” And the reason – well, a big reason is with “online ad spending increasing at a rate of 30% a year, owning domain names has become a business in itself. Entrepreneurs can flip them, like Miami condominiums, or they can sit on them and collect rent.” see: Shows the Rational Side of the Internet
… All of which suggests that the real value of the company comes from its generic and highly-trafficked domain names. One has to give credit to the folks at Lexico, who first launched the and websites in May, 1995, when the Web was in its true infancy.

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